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Money Munching Dog Needs New Home
Many people say that taking on a dog 'eats' into their finances, but the staff at Dogs Trust in Uddingston who've been looking after a certain cash hungry hound have experienced the literal sense of that thought...
Dogs Die In Hot Cars - When Will People Learn?
The RSPCA is disappointed at the sentence handed out to a couple whose dog died in July 2006 after being left in the back of a hot car in Wroughton, Swindon...
Headbutting Police Dogs – A ‘PC’ Step Too Far
You really couldn't make it up... a Welsh police force is training its dogs to headbutt criminals rather than bite them, because politically correct - 'PC' - bosses are afraid that allowing the dogs to bite criminals will infringe their human rights...
Glaswegian dog owners clean up their act
Environmentalists have come up with an innovative new way to help to keep the streets of Glasgow free of dogs mess...
Can The Bailiff Repossess Your Dog?
A draft Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill that is being looked at by the government will entitle enforcement agents (Bailiffs) to break into private dwellings using a warrant, use force against occupiers, invite third parties on to premises (unqualified helpers to carry away goods) and seize money or goods found on premises, including pets...

Vet Gazette Health:

Canine Massage and Stretching - A Practical Introduction
There is a growing interest in various complimentary methods of pet health care. Massage and stretching is one such practice which could considerably improve the quality of your dog’s life and may enable your pet to enjoy the natural agility of youth for many more years to come.

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Vet Gazette Behaviour:

How To Cure Unwanted and Excessive Barking:
Although the nuisance of noisy dogs is an obvious problem amongst homeowners, are anti-bark collars just a quick fix to a more deep-routed, long term dog behavioural problem?
Contributed with the help of Karen L Overall of the Centre for Neurobiology and Behaviour, Psychiatry Department, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

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Vet Gazette Topical

Money Munching Dog Needs a New Home
Many people say that taking on a dog 'eats' into their finances, but the staff at Dogs Trust in Uddingston who've been looking after a certain cash hungry hound have experienced the literal sense of that thought. Meet Otis, a 13 month old Collie / Rottweiler crossbreed who arrived at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Uddingston recently.

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Vet Gazette Health:

Bloat - The Silent But Deadly Canine Killer
Bloat. What a horrible word. What a horrible feeling, to be bloated. What’s bloat got going for it? A bloated body is not too pleasant. A bloated ego isn’t particularly attractive either. OK, a bloated bank balance is at least one desirable association with this generally disagreeable word. A dog with bloat, now that’s really unpleasant and in many cases, tragically fatal.

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A Short Lesson in Canine Body Language
A Japanese clip showing a Pug demonstrating just how cunning little dogs can be. Question: How do you steal treats from a much bigger dog without making yourself appear like a threat to them? Watch and learn people, watch and learn....

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